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Delta Air Lines, Delta Sky Way at LAX
As IT Support for Delta Sky Way at LAX project, DAS is responsible for one of the largest airport renovation projects in the United States. With a total construction budget of $1.9B, DAS’s role will be to renovate and rebuild LAX Terminals 2 & 3 into the biggest West Coast Hub for Delta Air Lines.  Responsible for design input, review, value‐engineering, and execution, duties also include managing General Contractor and relationships between all stakeholders associated within the Terminals: Airlines, airport authority (LAWA), TSA, CBP, and FBI.


Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Multiple Projects 

An on-going twenty year collaboration with LAUSD providing IT consulting and support. Projects include strategy planning for rollout of One-to-One / Students-to-Devices for high schools, design model and implementation of Help Desk support, Digital Classrooms design, planning and implementation, Thin Client Labs design, planning and implementation. DAS understanding of the intricacies of educational IT systems has enabled him to forge a relationship spanning two decades and counting.  


TBITEC LAX, Multiple Projects 

TBITEC was originally formed in 1982 to represent its member airlines and related organizations, in a unified manner, for the purpose of improving aviation at Los Angeles Airport (LAX).  During 2017, as part of the largest Airline relocation in LAX history, DAS developed TBITEC’s IT Infrastructure at Terminal 5 and later deployed entire network; providing unified services for many sub-tenants managed by TBITEC, while segregating each to enforce a higher level of CyberSecurity.  Currently, DAS is supporting TBITEC in both Terminal 5 and Tom Bradly International Terminal (TBIT) on current and future projects.


Ocean Charter School, IT Design Consultant

Ocean Charter School is merging existing campuses into a new, modern, $74M campus. This new campus will be purpose built for their needs and requires assistance in modernizing their IT infrastructure.

As the Owner’s Representative for all IT-related queries, as well as the main conduit between design and construction for IT requirements and infrastructure design, DAS works very closely with the school to ensure the school’s unique needs of a Waldorf Education program are met, on time and under budget. DAS background and understanding of Student Information Systems (SIS) and addressing special education processes (IEP) enables DAS to relate to the client while defining the IT requirements, specifications and infrastructure design.

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