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HIPAA-compliant backup, security, and management of patient documents.

Keeping a flow of happy patients moving through your medical office will improve your bottom line. Control over and simplified access to your patient's files will improve their satisfaction. Cranky patients are no fun. Automating access to documents and streamlining the patient record helps you deliver the care your patients deserve and that you want to provide to them.

As providers of healthcare services, you must securely manage patient records, prescriptions, treatment plans, HIPAA forms, X-rays, as well as the back-office documents that every business deals with – human resources, invoices, etc.

Document management can digitize patient records – allowing patient details to be securely shared. No more finding the patient's manila folder, walking it to the examination room, and then having to refile that folder. Patient information can be available at doctors' and nurses' fingertips on a computer.

HIPAA regulations can be complied with using digitized patient records, a focus on networked copier and printer security, network security, and HIPAA-compliant cloud backup.

Follow me printing (also called pull printing) can prevent unauthorized access to patient records – DAS can set this up for you.

Workflow and copiers can digitize back-office documents, streamlining billing and customer communication.

Better security. Controlled costs. Easier access to patient information – and happier patients.

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