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Back to school with DAS

We manage IT – so you can manage the classroom!

Whether you’re building a school from the ground up and need infrastructure design assistance, or you need assistance in support or management of an existing campus – we have the right team for the job.

At DAS we understand that each project is unique and take time to understand your needs and budget, by becoming your technology partner, before we begin.

Our IT services can ensure a secure network for your institution. As more schools allow students to use their smart phones and other devices to access the WiFi network to do research and homework, a secure network is essential. Likewise, access to confidential student records needs to be secure and backed up so that a student's records can follow them for their entire student career. With over 20 years of supporting educational IT needs, we fully recognize the needs of students, faculty, and administrators.  By working with e-rate, Open-Source or other educational discounts, we bring quality at an affordable price! 

Top Trends:

  • CyberSecurity Assessment

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Mobility

  • Projects and Procurement

  • Virtual CIO

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