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cyber security

Advanced Threat Protection

A cohesive, lifecycle approach to addressing Advanced Persistent Threats and other Advanced Targeted Attacks

Cybercriminals continue to innovate, deceive and ultimately breach organizations and their existing security solutions. As these attacks become more advanced, so must the security solutions used by organizations to protect themselves. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) relies on multiple types of security technologies, products, and research -- each performing a different role, but still working seamlessly together -- to combat these attacks from network core through the end user device.

Next Generation Firewall

Better Security, More Control and 5 Times Faster Performance

Enterprises today are faced with more applications, more devices, more threats, more users and more traffic than ever. Fortinet will help you keep up and stay secure with our innovative, NSS Labs Recommended and tested FortiGate Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). A FortiGate NGFW delivers better security effectiveness and more control as well as 5x faster throughput performance than other NGFWs in the market.

Fortinet also offers an NSS Labs Recommended Next Generation IPS (NGIPS) for when you need next generation security to go with the firewalls you already have. 

Wi-Fi Security Without Compromises

Enterprises world-wide are cutting the cord and BYOD is here to stay. The economic and productivity advantages of wireless LANs have made Wi-Fi mission critical to many businesses. But as the device landscape shifts from corporate-owned to employee-owned, and network usage centers on the Internet and cloud services, wireless security requirements have evolved to encompass application and content security. Fortinet is uniquely prepared.

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