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The mission of Arc Designs is to provide comprehensive, cost-effective technical solutions that are tailored to each of our clients.


A technology consulting firm established in 1994, Arc Designs (DBA), is a Project Management & Networking Systems Division of Digital Archiving Systems, LLC that has been serving Southern California for more than a quarter century.

Arc Designs is currently the IT Program Management team for the Delta Airlines Construction & Real Estate Los Angeles with a key role in leading design, coordination and execution for the 1.9B Delta Sky Way Modernization Project at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

In May of 2017, Arc Designs played a key role in executing the largest multi-airline terminal relocation in aviation history following two years of IT design and coordination.

These are some of the organizations that we proudly served over the years:



  • Acuratek

  • Airmatic

  • Amgen

  • Anheuser ‐ Busch

  • Archdiocese of Los Angeles

  • Bali

  • Cedars‐Sinai

  • Copa Airlines

  • Delta Air Lines

  • Disney

  • Honeywell‐PAI

  • JPH Consulting


  • Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)

  • Loma Linda University

  • Ocean Charter School

  • Satterfield & Pontikes (S&P)

  • Spirit Airlines

  • STV Inc.


  • UCLA

  • UCHC

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